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Recognizing the dream and reality of running a small business


Verizon was looking to create more of a dialogue with small businesses. No matter the company size, Verizon could help owners run their businesses more effectively.


Rauxa’s research revealed a recurring theme: Business owners want a partner that can empathize with the daily demands of running a business.


We targeted different verticals of owners, highlighting the individual as well as the dreams and aspirations that drove each one into business. Then we addressed the day-in and day-out reality of running a business, and the solutions that Verizon provides. Through print, digital, email, and social, we told relevant stories that felt personal.


The creative showed heart, got into the heads of small business owners, and gave them an emotional connection to Verizon.

  • 98% of people who saw the campaign agreed: “Verizon can make my business better.”
  • 39% increase in loyalty among small business decision-makers based on preference for Verizon compared to others.